Zwelethu Radebe directs Vicks

Zwelethu S.Z Radebe directs Vicks Where Joy Lives for Publicis, Singapore

egg films  |  2 september 2020

The brief was to tell the true-life story of an orphan who loses everything and becomes a father to the fatherless. It’s rare to find stories such as this being told in conventional advertising and we really wanted the work not to feel traditional, rather we wanted it to have a motion picture texture in each and every detail. 

The pre-production was intense, with extensive rehearsals and an extended edit to develop and then craft narrative. In hindsight it was a tough but beautiful process and I think the film is the truest translation from script, treatment and film that I’ve ever directed. 

Check it out here, or see Zwelethu’s showreel or contact Saskia Rosenberg at Egg Films