Joe Public for chicken licken

The latest comedic campaign from Adrian De Sa Garces and Joe Public for Chicken Licken is ‘Unbelievable. But True.’

Egg Films  |  2 may 2023

Suspend all disbelief in the latest campaign from the Joe Public creative team Gareth O’Callaghan, Cameron Fraser, ECD Assaf Levy and Egg Films’ director Adrian. These three ‘unbelievable’ spots are packed with comedic flavour and feature absurd twists and surreal turns that all seem utterly underwhelming to the cast of quirky characters. The only thing that elicits any emotion out of them is of course the new Easy Bucks deal from Chicken Licken.

Chicken Licken is one of South Africa’s most loved fast-food brands and is the fastest growing fried chicken brand outside of the United States. One of their offerings is the Easy Bucks Meals. A selection of 5 different combo meals, all at the unbelievable price of only 30 rand.

To promote the Easy Bucks offering we knew we had to turn to the price as our point of differentiation. 30 rand for a meal is basically unheard of these days. You might think it’s unbelievable, but, it’s true.

In fact, it’s so unbelievable that if you suddenly found yourself in an unbelievable situation with an Easy Bucks Meal from Chicken Licken for only 30 rand, the only thing you would struggle to believe is the price. 30 rand? Yep. 30 rand.

Judge for yourself right here, and check out Adrian’s showreel or contact / for more info.