Momentum Ad by Egg Films

Lebogang Rasethaba directs emotionally evocative spot for Momentum

egg films  | 12 november 2021

For Momentum’s latest spot, Director Lebogang Rasethaba from Egg Films collaborated with The Brave Group to introduce the concept of ‘The Science of Safety’ by taking an intimate look at Springbok rugby player Cheslin Kolbe’s subconscious.

On the rugby field, Cheslin Kolbe makes the impossible look possible, the epitome of strength, breaking through any line. In Momentum’s commercial we are voyeurs to another side of Cheslin as he stands in front of a mirror revealing his vulnerability to the point where he is almost unrecognisable. Cheslin lets us in and shares his inner fears and traumas as he comes face to face with his younger self. This a man far removed from the sporting field. A touching heartfelt performance testament to Lebogang’s gentle touch as a performance director.

Lebogang’s technical approach creates the atmosphere of feeling unsafe using pace, sound and visual language. The piece is evidence of the power of using celebrities or top athletes to create a real connection with a brand if handled authentically. This was a story with heart.

Lebogang adds: ‘This entire process was so open and collaborative, with radical transparency every step of the way, from client to final edit and sound, everything felt safe. It was the science of safety playing out real time.’

Judge for yourself right here, and check out Lebogang’s showreel or contact Julia Schnurr at Egg Films for more info.