Captain Morgan Ad Kyle Lewis Egg Films

Kyle Lewis Unleashes Big Vibes for Captain Morgan

Egg Films  |  10 august 2023

Kyle latest piece for Captain Morgan celebrates the power of individuality, a whirlwind of vibrant African flavours. Each scene is filled with the Captain’s signature ‘spice’ and some playful twists on how to savour it.

Together with the team at Diageo and RPM Ltd, Egg Films brought ‘Spice on Africa’ to life with a cast from across the African continent. Behind the scenes, the magic was crafted with camera movements from the talented Willie Nel and the Bolt Team from Reflex Motion Control. The post-production was handled by the incredible Xander Van Der and finished by Strangelove Post. Nigerian Afrobeats singer Yemi Alade’s banger of a track ‘Baddie’ took the energy to a whole new level and set the perfect tone for the ad’s explosive visuals.


Lesibane Mohale, Senior Creative at RPM, says, ‘The vibe and energy on set was very special. With the cast coming from Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, an amazing crew and our director, Kyle Lewis, this exciting production was a melting pot of diverse talent and unique cultures coming together. We wanted this campaign to connect with our audience by showcasing the warmth, vibrancy and spirit that can be found across this incredible continent, and it was a spirit that could be found on set.’

Check out Kyle’s showreel or contact for more info.