Tymebank Imraan Christian Egg Films ad

Egg Films’ Imraan Christian captures the essence of South Africa in latest commercial for TymeBank

Egg Films  |  15 september 2023

Overflowing with heartfelt nostalgia, Imraan’s latest commercial, a collaboration with Accenture Song for TymeBank, perfectly captures those quintessential South African moments that resonate with us all. Notably, this commercial marks Imraan’s first direction work officially under the banner of Egg Films. Welcome Imraan!

From young girls skipping in the streets to Ouma’s koeksisters and Auntie’s stories, TymeBank’s latest spot wants to ‘make saving just as iconic as Mzansi.’ Seamlessly blending classic South African moments with a rich tapestry of colour and emotion, Imraan and the team have created a visually captivating spot that authentically reflects the essence of our diverse cultures and people.

‘To celebrate those iconic South African moments in culture, it was vital that we capture the richness of texture and colour of our country. From casting to scenery to the pace of the camera movements and lighting, all these elements needed to work together. And of course, it was all thanks to the stellar team from Accenture Song, Nic Goodwin on Edit and Nic Apostoli on Grade,’ says Imraan.

Imraan’s dedication to his craft goes beyond capturing striking images; he strives to leave a lasting impact with each project. As he says, ‘With each project, I hope to leave more than I take. I hope this resonates with audiences as strongly as the visual aesthetics.’

Check out Imraan’s showreel or contact will@eggfilms.tv for more info.