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Egg Films’ director Lebogang Rasethaba wins Emmy Award

Egg Films  |  29 june 2024

Egg Films’ very own director and partner, Lebogang Rasethaba, has won his very own Daytime Emmy! Lebogang’s direction on the Apple TV+ docu-series ‘Home’, demonstrates his intimate, thought-provoking, and culturally relevant storytelling. ‘Home’ showcases some of the world’s most remarkable homes and the brilliant minds behind them.

Lebogang’s Emmy for direction is a testament to his ability to blend aesthetic brilliance with profound human narratives. A huge shout out and thanks to the entire team, including Alyse, Colin, Julia, the production crew, and the incredible individuals who shared their stories. Stream ‘Home’ Season Two on Apple TV+ to experience Lebogang’s Emmy-winning direction firsthand.

Check out Lebogang’s showreel or contact Julia Schnurr at Egg Films for more info.