Arcade Content

To our Friends, Clients, Crew and Collaborators, we have an important update to share.

Arcade & Egg FIlms  |  29 august 2023

After nine years of creating culture-shaping, award-winning work with you, we have decided it’s time to merge with our partner company Egg.

Back in 2014, the advertising landscape in South Africa was undergoing a significant transformation. Marketers were venturing beyond traditional advertising avenues, delving into diverse forms of advertising content. Responding to this shift, Arcade was established, pioneering innovative production approaches in this evolving world. Despite navigating this new, budget-conscious environment, our commitment to quality and innovation was recognized with accolades including a Cannes Lion and multiple Loeries.

Yet, as we all know, the advertising landscape never stands still. With global trends progressing, the boundaries between social, online, and TV advertising have blurred, emphasizing the need for integrated production that crafts content spanning all platforms. 

In light of these developments, and while Arcade still has a solid footing, we recognize that our offerings closely mirror those of Egg. As a result, we’ve made the strategic decision to merge Arcade into Egg, uniting our strengths and resources under a single brand umbrella.

Though the name ‘Arcade’ will be lost, its spirit and vision will endure through ‘Arcadia‘. Founding partner and director, Lebogang Rasethaba, and director, Imraan Christian, will continue their compelling collaboration, blending their unique perspectives. Together they pave the way for a distinctive and invigorating approach to storytelling for projects that don’t fit the traditional mould.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to our esteemed clients, dedicated crew, and trusted suppliers. Your support and collaboration over the years have been instrumental to Arcade’s journey. We want to assure you that this transition isn’t a conclusion but a new beginning. We eagerly anticipate creating fresh milestones and memories with you at Egg.