What the Flying Fish?!’ Adrian de sa Garces directs an ad within an ad within an ad within an ad within an ad within an ad

egg films  | 24 March 2022

Egg Films’ Adrian de sa Garces collaborated with the creative team at Joe Public United to create a fantastically meta piece of self-aware advertising. Realism ignored, this is a Russian nesting doll of beautifully crafted and styled slices of Flying Fish ads…showing people watching a Flying Fish ad. ‘What the Flying Fish’ indeed.
With his command of storytelling through VFX and his ability as a performance director, Adrian brings a bizarre world filled with off-beat characters to life in the latest spot for Flying Fish. Four months in the crafting and with CGI handled by the team from Black Ginger, the result is a playful high-concept feast for the eyes; dancing bottles, flying taxis, popping hairstyles and talking pigeons.

Signed off by a creative and bold client and conceptualised by Joe Public United, Creative Director Claudi Potter weighed in on the collaboration: ‘When we briefed out this job, we knew it was an ambitious board. Performances were important, but then there was this huge technical undertaking with teaching pigeons to talk, creating inner Jozi in 2050, and stitching together different soundtracks and scenes seamlessly. But Adrian was just like: “Cool, cool, cool, cool…”  It was a big, very collaborative team working on this, and thanks to Adrian’s attention to detail and craft throughout the process, this ad-within-an-ad-within-an-ad-within-an-ad really came together.’

Judge for yourself right here, and check out Adrian’s showreel or contact lisa@eggfilms.tv / colin@eggfilms.tv for more info.