Showmax Game Changers

Mohammad Ali brought back into the ring for Showmax ‘Game Changers’

egg films  |  25 october 2020

 Egg Films’ Adrian de sa Garces had the impossible task of resurrecting the greatest boxer of all time in his latest spot for Showmax, ‘Game Changers’. As if that wasn’t already a massive undertaking, it all had to be done during lockdown level 4 while the country was declared a national state of disaster.

Showmax Pro bundles the existing Showmax streaming service with music, news and live sport from SuperSport. To launch Showmax Pro, Adrian was tasked by the stellar creative team of Philippa Heal, Georja Romano and Jordan Tryon to rewind time and bring one of history’s greatest sporting heroes back to life (in CG), while also celebrating the iconic game changers in sport today.
The result is a magical piece of creative visual storytelling, set to the backdrop of Ali’s famous speech.

Check it out here, or see Adrian’s reel or contact for more info.