Dani Hynes is a director, a writer and a mom but not necessarily in that order.

Best known for her ability to create nuanced, visually impactful pieces, Dani’s unique approach to each job means her view suits a wide variety of genres. Tricky to pigeon hole (or convince to walk near a lizard), Dani always puts the concept at the centre.

“Ideas grow from everywhere. So having just one way of imagining them into life seems crazy to me. I know we all want to live in a world where you go with look OR performance, but I have never understood why we wouldn’t want to pursue both?”

A fan of keeping things fresh, Dani has recently started taking more than a passing interest in all things digital. “Don’t get me wrong, in its simplest form we are talking about just another platform. You still need to tell an amazing, beautiful story in order to get noticed. But when your ad gets turned into a meme, or your brand film gets shared on WhatsApp, by an audience who have seen more content across more screens than ever before in history? That’s the stuff that transcends marketing speak and objectives.”

When she isn’t making long-winded speeches about the power of a great film, she is driving around town in her “batmobile,” ferrying her son to soccer practice or thinking up ways to embarrass him in front of his future spouse.