Remote Filming

Remote filming is a way for clients, producers and directors to see what the camera sees, even if they’re not on location. This is done by uplinking the VT feed to a server so it can be streamed in Realtime by viewers. More cameras can be added

A roaming camera will also be on set to allow viewers to visit and comment on hair and makeup, wardrobe, art department etc. via a separate video chat, with audio.

To further streamline the communication process, key people on set will have third pipeline such as a dedicated Whatsapp group call.

While viewers may receive feeds on different devices (Zoom or Youtube livestream on their laptop, as well as a Whatsapp call on their phone) there are also options to collate these feeds into one viewing platform.

This technology makes it possible for remote clients, agency personnel and directors to have a handle on the project from anywhere in the world. PleaseĀ contact us if you’d like more information on how we can make this work for your production.