In 1970’s Apartheid South Africa, a white teenage skateboarder befriends two township kids and discovers the ugly truth of the world that he is living in.

After a long and celebrated career as a commercial director, ‘Locals Only’ marks Harris’s debut as a narrative filmmaker. It was a co-production between SKUNK and Egg Films, produced by Harris’s long-time collaborator, Jon Ronbeck and photographed by German cinematographer, Antonio Paladino.

“Locals Only” was shot in Harris’s native South Africa and draws on his own childhood experiences. Adding to the authenticity, the kids in the film were all skateboarders, discovered in and around local skate parks.

‘I set the film in Cape Town in the 70’s, but I wanted the piece to have a timelessness. You could easily tell the same story today, here in America. I ask how far we’ve come, and what lessons we have learned?’

Skunk Feature