Over the last festive season Dani Hynes went to New York to shoot the Johnnie Walker tvc.

Johnnie Walker as a brand is one that is intentional in its mission to inspire personal
progress and the stories of everyday people help to bring this to life within the South African context, South Africa and its people is a land of many journeys and numerous narratives
that celebrate who we are. Some are only beginning, but promising big things. Some are taking place right in front of us, and we are lucky enough to follow them. And others have cometo an end, but will remain with us for many, many years.

Each journey speaks to who we are as people, our story, the culmination of efforts to bring it to fruition.

Each journey tells a story of South Africans that are changing the world.

Johnnie Walker celebrates every step of the journey. And every milestone achieved.

I took a walk.
I had to try.
To challenge the world
In my own little way.
To always keep going.

I took a walk
And along the path,
I met some friends,
Some shared the journey,
Some had their own
But we‘re stronger together,
Than walking alone.
We celebrate every step,
Honor every mile.
Keep Walking South Africa

Theo, director Dani and Ross

New York streets

Producer Melanie and social media director Alexa

The Team!


Instagram: @johnniewalkersa
Twitter: @JohnnieWalkerSA