Can you tell us what drew you to the DJ Lag X Shekhinah single?

This piece from the very beginning had the notion of collaboration and the collaboration between Dj Lag and Shekhinah is palpable. I’m always drawn to when two artists from very different genres of music can coming together to create something so special and so unique. Something that could only have happened through their collaboration and shared knowledge of their different genres. Plus it’s a beautiful track. 

Talk us through the process and experience of conceptualising, producing and shooting the Nite Jogger Anywhere We Go music video.
Its always wonderful getting creative freedom in a piece so I always see these projects as a labor of love and something I truly enjoy. We had such a phenomenal crew of passionate filmmakers coupled with an incredibly talent dancer which made this process just wonderful.

How would you describe the music video in one sentence?
A sci-fi exploration into the inner emotional turmoil of a young man all told through the form of dance.

As a creator brand, adidas puts creativity and open-source collaboration at the heart of everything that they do. What has your experience been like, connecting with the brand and everyone else involved on this project?
I’ve always been a great fan of the Adidas brand. Adidas celebrates creativity and individuality and serves as a peer rather than a superior to their consumers. I stand by any brand who allows creatives to be creative and celebrate what it means to be an individual. The brands aesthetic matches mine so much so the experience overall was a great success.

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